The Great Amazing Race

Race Reports

Read some of the race reports below from the Great Amazing Race

Super Nintendo Chalmers – Race Report
By Shane Taas

We flew in to Melbourne on Thursday morning, unaware what the conditions were going to be like. It was cloudy, windy and rainy, a far cry from the warm spring weather in Queensland.

Come Saturday morning, the weather held up beautifully. We were traveling to CQ Functions in our costume and we weren’t hard to miss. The anticipation was intense; I was a little star struck seeing the competitors from the Amazing Race Australia, and my heart was beating fast. From the minute the race commenced it was game on!
I grabbed the clue sheet, ran straight out and off to the first location doing the mixed martial arts. From there, the race was truly on. You could see all the competitor’s eyes that everyone was in it to win it. The first challenge was all stamina and power; we put all our energy into it. After completing the challenge, we rushed to play a game of billiards. Despite two losses, we still managed to put our heads up and travelled to the Docklands.

Upon riding the trams, we were attracting a lot of the tourists who were intrigued at the outfits that we wore and were curious to see what we were up to. They were supportive and upon running off to the tram, they were watching all the teams running around the Docklands area.
After completing the task around the Docklands with an ice-cream in our hands, we headed up north of Melbourne where we sat on the tram awaiting for the Bollywood challenge. We saw teams running right behind us and teams near the traffic lights. It was a sprint, from superheroes to the Where’s Wally’s entering into the studio. The Bollywood challenge was surprisingly fun and entertaining to do.

Once we completed Bollywood, we tracked back to complete all the pursuit and collect stages in the street before we ran to the Amazing Race stage. Speed stacking cups was interesting. We had a system going after several botched attempts, notably stacking 6 cups. Once we head to the adjudicator, we got it first go, at a record time for the day and the adjudicator complementing our team work. From there we rushed to the scouts challenge. We had a choice between a building or memory challenge. With some hesitation, we did the memory challenge. We dropped rolled and jumped through the obstacle, trying to memorise the 15 symbols (I was calling them out on the way back). We were excited that we blitzed through it and then onto the Art Gallery Find a Word challenge. We went in there seeing how the teams were doing the challenge but we took on a completely different approach. My team mate was looking over for the first few artists he could find while I pulled out my notebook and jotted down the 16 names we needed to find. Once that was done, we went back to search for all of the artists and completed the phrase. As we headed off, I saw Tarryn and her team entering and we felt like we had the lead on them!

Once we were done, we headed back into the city and completed the rest of the challenges. First stop was the picture for one of the clues in Chinatown. We were greeted by a lot of the tourists there again noticing our costumes, and then we headed back past Federation Square and asked for the cocktail of the day at the Foxtel Hub. With only 45 minutes left and another two more locations to go, we felt like we were in good shape.

We hit a snag at the 39 brass bells. One of the songs, we couldn’t get a grasp on. Not even the iPhone app Shazam could help us out with this challenge. After one song, my teammate knew AC/DC straight away, and from there we had one more pursuit stage to collect at the Westpac Centre before we ran back to the finish line.

We were exhausted, but relieved and proud that we completed the race. After the day’s presentations and meeting up with the Amazing Race Australia contestants, we went back to our hotel, and flew back home to the Gold Coast with a hero’s welcome of our own sorts. It was an exhilarating day and we loved every minute of Melbourne and the challenges that we went conquered. Thanks Uplift Events!

Great Amazing Race 2012 Shane

Amosquitoes #1 – Race Report
By Toni Amos

All the years preparation for the Great Amazing Race could not of prepared us for the BIG day!!

With a Team of 6 Pirates, two local Reality TV star’s, and a (VERY HELPFUL) Ring in we were off and running.

After completing the race last year we had a fair idea of how to proceed with the day, but Sarah and James’s advice to complete the Amazing race stage came in very helpful.

We all found speed stacking challenging but fun, with Alice taking the opportunity whilst waiting for other team members to learn about the “Double stack”!

Jess led the pack very confidently with Map in hand while the rest of us including Sarah in her heels bought up the tail end of the group.

We were all extremely impressed by Sarah’s stamina and ability to TALK!!

Geoffrey and Dee showed all of those years of camping came in very handy and absolutely starred in the Tepee challenge.

Onto yet another challenge, where I discovered that it is always better to research a word you don’t know rather than take others word for it!

Ophidiophobia is indeed not a fear of birds but the abnormal fear of snakes which apparently I do actually have!!

So whilst I spent the time trying not to cry/ or vomit our teamwork kicked in and Dee in fact stepped up and took my turn.

The team work continued whilst at the fortune cookie challenge when Dee due to an ankle, about to be reconstructed, and Sarah due to her heels (who would of thunk it) had to retire from the three legged race. Kirby and myself both happily stepped up although pretty sure Kirby got the better deal snuggling up to James 😉

We were in Awe of the fantastic job achieved by teams fundraising for The Royal Children Hospital Foundation, and what an awesome opportunity to be able to see what the good fundraising work has done at the new site and to see the smiling faces of some of the children it supports.

Overall the day was indeed AMAZING! We have definitely made some new friends along the way and are happy to have Tue coming back to help us out next year!

In the words of my father Geoffrey on the day “It was definitely not what I thought it would be, but exceeded all expectations! It would be difficult to explain to anyone what an Amazing event this is and how much fun!” We are ALL looking forward to 2013’s Great Amazing Race and thank Uplift Events for such a fantastic experience.

Dad and Daughter – Race Report
By Rhonda Dove

It was about 1 pm and we had done hardly anything, we were a bit down about it and a little disheartened. We decided to just do some challenges and forget about the rest of the stuff because the challenges are fun.

We headed out to The Royal Children’s Hospital to do that challenge and there were 3 things to do all together then on our way back to the city we stumbled across Melbourne Uni so did the crocodile challenge, then another team asked if we had found the Mad Max Car Park Pursuit, which we hadn’t but realised we must’ve been close to it and we got that.

Then we made our way back to the city to see if we could do a couple of things in there before 3:30pm.

We swapped one of our answers for someone else’s then all of a sudden we had an hour left and only needed 1 more challenge. We smashed billiards and did another Pursuit Stage that we didn’t even need before getting back with spare time.