The Great Amazing Race

The Zoe and Britney Allen Story

Since Zoe Allen was a baby, surgeons at The Royal Children’s Hospital have been reconstructing her face.

Zoe has a congenital condition called a bilateral Tessier facial cleft, where her facial features failed to meet during in utero development. On the left side, the opening in her cheek extended to her eye where she had no bottom eyelid. On the right, she had a split from her lips to the bottom of her eye socket.

Seeing Zoe today, it’s hard to tell just how far she’s come. Though she’s undergone many extensive operations, surgeries don’t ‘grow’ like facial features and Zoe will need several more until she stops growing.

As a thank you for Zoe’s care, her eldest sister Britney has raised nearly $50,000 for the hospital. Britney is now joining the Great Amazing Race to continue fundraising for young people like Zoe who rely on the RCH.

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