The Great Amazing Race

What Is It?

Uplift Events is proud to present Melbourne with the 2018 public Great Amazing Race which will once again be raising funds to support the Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation. Running since 2005, the event is considered Melbourne’s ultimate Urban Adventure Race allowing competitors to experience the thrill and excitement of an Amazing Race in their own city. Competing in teams of 2, competitors will race around Melbourne visiting famous landmarks and locations while completing a variety of activities along the way.

The event is made up of Challenge and the new Chase Stages, but also features the Amazing Race Stage. Just like the television series, teams will also receive Obstacle (Roadblock) or Decision (Detour) Clue Cards during the Amazing Race Stage.

After receiving the clue sheet at the start of the race, teams need to decipher the clues and map out the best route for the race to try and complete all the mandatory stages in the least amount of time. There is no set course and the stages can be completed in any order. Each stage may comprise of a variety of fun, mental, thrilling and physical challenges! (See the race glossary for a definition of each of the stages).

The Great Amazing Race is scored on a points system. Each Challenge, Chase and Amazing Race Stage will attract a certain amount of points. The team that collects the required minimum number of points from each of the stages in the least amount of time wins the event. There are NO bonus points for doing more stages than the required minimum – it is still the quickest to cross the finish line!

Competitors from all ages* and fitness levels can enter in this fun filled day. If you think you have got what it takes and want to have a fantastic day out, gather your partner, work colleague or friend to test your skills and teamwork against other competitors in the Great Amazing Race!

The Great Amazing Race is not a marathon or fun run. You’ll do more fun, diverse and crazy stuff in a single day than in any other event!

*Minimum age is 12 years old. If you are under 16 years of age, you will be required to compete with an adult guardian.